New MRI technique allows imaging of metal screws in bone

Hip fractures can be devastating for patients if they do not heal properly. Because the hip is so pivotal to walking, inadequately treated hip fractures may hurt individuals' abilities to engage in social activities or live independently. 

3D printing can create artificial animal joints

One exciting area of innovation in human medicine is the growing prominence of additive manufacturing, which is also known as 3D printing. This technology allows for users to build three dimensional structures using inert inks or other materials that soli

Increased colonoscopy uptake helps curb incidence of colon cancer

Experts in the health care community know that early detection is key in reducing the onset and mortality rates from cancer. One study, recently published in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, demonstrated how this concept applies to colon cancer. Speci

Telemedicine can help reduce medical costs associated with stroke care

A team of scientists from the Mayo Clinic concluded that telemedicine networks significantly improve cost-effectiveness in the care of stroke patients, as published in the American Journal of Managed Care.

Pet owners will spend more money in 2014

Veterinarians that follow market trends will be interested in the recent announcement by the American Pet Products Association that it expects pet owners in the U.S. to spend $58.5 billion on their animals in 2014, representing a 4.9 percent increase